How to Find Your Signature Scent?

How to Find Your Signature Scent? 

That happens to all of us. The brain remembers the smell and connects it to memories. That’s how we remember some intimate moments or our teenage crush! It can be a childhood memory, the vacation vibe, or a feeling of the first rain – the scents help rejuvenate those moments.

Well, we all want to be a part of someone else’s memory and make an impression, tell who we are without uttering a word, and that’s where a signature scent comes into the picture. It serves as a personal scent memory to others and yourself.

You might discover the scent that represents your vibe when you first started exploring the heaven of perfumery, but many get confused with the plethora of options in the fragrance halls. But that’s nothing to worry about; we are here to guide you through the process of finding the one perfume that represents who you are!

Let’s dive into it:


1. Start with Understanding the Fragrance Families 


Understanding the Fragrance Families
Understanding the Fragrance Families

Before trying every perfume bottle, you see, study the fragrance families. Although there are unlimited fragrance notes and combinations, the significant ones are – floral, woody, fresh, and amber. If you are new on the hunt for perfumes, you will be thrilled knowing that a fragrance wheel can help you narrow your search.

All types of scents are waiting for you to discover and admire them! There are scent notes that add to the families. If you want a soft and fresh fragrance, you might choose a perfume with a floral family and notes with undertones of apple or citrus.


2. Try Samples First 


Try Samples First!
Try Samples First!

If you love fragrances, you might already have plenty of these beautiful crystal bottles of perfumes. So, when you want to try new ones, we suggest buying sample mini perfumes and giving yourself time to understand if you enjoy the smell or not. That way, you can reduce the signature perfume price and invest in only the one you like.


3. You Don’t Always Have to Follow the Trends 

Though considering trends is a good idea, blindly following them is not. Choose a perfume that blends well with your style, not something a celebrity is wearing. Imitating your icon’s style is not wrong but finding a signature perfume is something personal, something that’s only yours!


4. Know What You Want to Say Through the Scent 


Know What to Say Through the Scent
Know What to Say Through the Scent

A signature scent is a subconscious way for others to remember you. It helps you tell your story best. Are you a lady boss who wants to convey you are a determined yet feminine personality? Or do you like to feel fresh and energetic all the time? Having fruity ingredients in your perfume might help! You might go with a perfect blend of floral and woody scents.

Knowing yourself and what you exactly want is the key here. Based on this crucial information, you can try different perfumes and choose a go-to scent!


5. Go with the Flow

You don’t have to overanalyse everything. Have you thought about selecting an ice cream? No, because you know what you like. Sometimes you might have eaten ice cream you don’t like.

Similarly, you can follow the above tips and have fun finding your signature scent. However, you should let your heart decide what you love, not your brain!

The world of perfumery is wide and open for interpretation and experimentation. The variety and infinite options may confuse you, and that’s why we are here! Sigma Styles is one of the rapidly growing perfume brands for men and women. Our heavenly fragrance picks help you embark on a scent-loving journey.

All the best for your hunt!

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