Saturn 10ML Unisex Perfume


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  • Eau De Parfum                                             
  • Unisex Perfume                                               
  • Best for office, party, college, school, dinner, date, etc.
  • Convenient pocket friendly
  • No Gas
  • Long- lasting – 4 to 8 hours plus
  • 10ml Spray Bottle
  • Fresh smelling perfumes uplift your mood, stress buster
  • Perfect Gift Hamper for Your Special Ones – Spouse, Fiancee, Boyfriend, Girlfriend

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Who doesn’t like to start their morning with fresh and aquatic aromas? The ultimate freshness, a bundle of aqua feel, and a magical fruity hint will make anyone’s mornings energetic! 

Saturn is nothing less than a rollercoaster of fragrances. Its different note layers are distinct and sharp. The soft citrus with aromatic blossom and the essence of airy feels seem dreamy to think of, but you will experience it all after using the unisex perfume itself. This uplifting smell is unforgettable for those who love aqua yet fruity aromas. 

Get this unisex perfume with pure happiness and see how it makes you ready for the day! 


Step 1: Spray the perfume by SIGMA STYLES on your pulse points from a distance of about 12 inches, each time you spray.

Step 2: Repeat the process until you cover all the desired pulse points (shown in the picture)


Keep your perfume bottles in a cool, dark, and dry ambiance away from heat and sunlight. Do not spray near naked flame or fire.

For external use only. Avoid areas like underarms, near your eyes, and around your genitals also don’t apply on fresh shaves or broken skin. If contact occurs, wash it with plenty of water.

If there is irritation or rashes occur, discontinue the product and consult with the doctor. It is advisable to do a patch test before use.

Luxury Perfumes are available in 10ML and 50ML bottles – Eris, Mars, Neptune, Pluto, Venus, and Saturn.

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Set of 5 / Pack of 5 Luxury Perfumes

Weight 0.16 kg
Dimensions 1.6 × 1.6 × 9.7 cm

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